My Week Thus Far

My week has been amazing. Over the course of the past seven days, I’ve discovered I’ve made some wonderful friends in the area. When I had a horrible headache for a few days, they called me and not only offered to get me some medicine, but keep me company as well. The three of usContinue reading “My Week Thus Far”

Cartilage in the Body

That popping sound…       From elementary school to high school and beyond, I’ve noticed people cracking or popping their fingers. Mostly fingers, some people are able to pop their necks, wrists, elbows, shoulders, even knees. I myself can crack my back, but only in a chair. At first the sound always seemed painful toContinue reading “Cartilage in the Body”

Happy Mother’s Day

To anyone who reads this. Happy Mother’s Day. Today has been so much fun for me. I got to sleep in until roughly eleven thirty thanks to my wonderful husband taking over all toddler duties for the day, and got to hang out with my adult friends as we browsed the open shops for variousContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Pearly White Practices

All I want for Christmas is for my new tooth to come in already!       As a kid in the US, I think one of the things we all looked forward to was when we lost a tooth and hid it under our pillows, waiting for that little bit of cash that would appear inContinue reading “Pearly White Practices”

The Colors of Lightning

 The personality of storms.      *Please be aware that lightning is absolutely lethal and you should practice proper safety measures and stay indoors during a thunderstorm. Do not try to replicate the actions and mistakes my friend and I did at home or outdoors. Thank you.       When I was about fourteen or so,Continue reading “The Colors of Lightning”

Overthinking Mermaids

 Top-half human, bottom half fish; beautiful creatures of the sea.      I’ve seen t-shirts in the mall that say “I’m done adulting, let’s be mermaids” or “I’d rather be a mermaid”. Things like that. In theory though, if you look up the growth of the human body, factor in the living environment, and compare thatContinue reading “Overthinking Mermaids”

Shoutout and Thanks

First thing’s first, I would like to give a huge shoutout and thanks to my husband and mom. My husband for always being supportive of any idea I throw at him on the fly and try to run with, and my mom for always thinking my ideas are a homerun and making a list ofContinue reading “Shoutout and Thanks”

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