Cartilage in the Body

That popping sound…       From elementary school to high school and beyond, I’ve noticed people cracking or popping their fingers. Mostly fingers, some people are able to pop their necks, wrists, elbows, shoulders, even knees. I myself can crack my back, but only in a chair. At first the sound always seemed painful toContinue reading “Cartilage in the Body”

Northern Lights Shine Bright

Beautiful Luminosity      As a teenager I did a lot of camping with my grandparents and extended family during the summers. We usually went to the wooded areas or by lakes and rivers. At night on these fieldtrips, we’d take a flashlight and find a hiking trail, walk for maybe an hour or so, then turnContinue reading “Northern Lights Shine Bright”

The Colors of Lightning

 The personality of storms.      *Please be aware that lightning is absolutely lethal and you should practice proper safety measures and stay indoors during a thunderstorm. Do not try to replicate the actions and mistakes my friend and I did at home or outdoors. Thank you.       When I was about fourteen or so,Continue reading “The Colors of Lightning”

Overthinking Mermaids

 Top-half human, bottom half fish; beautiful creatures of the sea.      I’ve seen t-shirts in the mall that say “I’m done adulting, let’s be mermaids” or “I’d rather be a mermaid”. Things like that. In theory though, if you look up the growth of the human body, factor in the living environment, and compare thatContinue reading “Overthinking Mermaids”