My Week Thus Far

My week has been amazing. Over the course of the past seven days, I’ve discovered I’ve made some wonderful friends in the area. When I had a horrible headache for a few days, they called me and not only offered to get me some medicine, but keep me company as well. The three of us had a ladies’ night this weekend, which resulted in us playing a three hour wild card Monopoly game over some lasagna and fresh berry smoothies. I had such a nice time, and I hope that the three of us being friends will continue to be a lifelong thing, even though we’ve realistically only been friends for a few short months. They’re truly good-hearted people, and I hope that my judgement is correct because I want to put my faith and trust in them.

It’s hard making friends sometimes. There’s always that doubt that “what if they’re not really my friends” or “what if they’re just using me”. I am a person who has these doubts every time I make a new friend because growing up I had so precious few, and the ones I did have and maintained throughout high school, have all gone their separate ways and into a successful college career. I do think of them fondly from time to time and wonder how they’re doing, but it never goes beyond just that. I’m not a very communicative person. I’m certainly not the type to call someone out of the blue and ask how they’re doing. I naturally assume that unless you tell me otherwise, everything’s fine and it’s “same stuff, new day”.

I will be the first to say I enjoy the peace and quiet, perhaps more than most. I can sit in a quiet room and never be bored. I have a crocheting hobby that I can pour my hours into if I have some to spare. I can clean my house or do dishes when our toddler is asleep. Apart from our child sleeping though, seldom do we get silence. It really is suspicious now because I’m left wondering what they’re getting into. I’m lucky that our child does take such an interest in the things I do around the house. Going back to crocheting, I’m currently working on a blanket for one of my aforementioned friends as a gift, and our tiny tot loves to play with my extra yarn, or even sit on the couch beneath my completed work. It does take some convincing when I have to remove it to turn over so I can continue stitching, but getting comfortable under a plush blanket isn’t difficult.

I believe out of our small group of three, I am the Hosting type. I never thought I would be, but here I am. I enjoy having company over, much more than I thought. I love the feeling that comes when they comment how clean and tidy my house is, even though I really just powered through the morning scrubbing everything down in preparation. I like when the food I make turns out well, because I struggle with having flavorless dishes from time to time in my experimentation. They motivate me to try new foods, and I’ve branched out in being more social because of them. We play board games or cards, and lose track of time chatting about our husbands, what’s going on in our lives, or even funny stories we can all relate to. I no longer have doubts whispering in my head, I just look forward to the next time they can stop by. Our child has come out of their shy shell around them as well, and relishes playing jenga, playdough, or playing with our two cats with them while I cook.

I think having adult friends who are also married is wonderful because of how well conversation can naturally flow. Nothing is ever forced, and we just flit from one topic to the next. I can relate to being single and only wanting single friends when I was younger, but now that I’m married with a family, I also see how that might be difficult to incorporate. Our level of understanding in our lives has matured with us, and we are more compliant with change as we age. Things do happen on their own, and each person has their own things happening in their lives in real time, so it’s wonderful when things work out and everybody can get together, but there are also no worries if someone can’t make it, and it becomes a story to be shared the next time we see each other.

True friends like this are hard to find. It takes patience to accomplish, and should never be rushed. It does take some level of hardship and blessings as well. Like most relationships, you’ll understand someone best when you’ve been through both good times and bad. I’ve had a friend of almost three years suddenly turn on a dime and ghost me, but I also have a friendship that’s running almost seven years strong, and I think about her well being often. I believe the people I’ve met here are truly amazing and unique, and hope our comradery lasts for quite a while. I hope our families can hang out for years to come, and that perhaps in forty years time, when I become a vision of my beloved grandmother, I might see their faces around my poker table as we talk about how our month was and gab about the good ole days.

Until next week, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and see you next time!

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